Who we are

Qui som

Grup Tendel is a company orientated to the management of different services linked with the leisure and the tourism, present in the whole Catalan territory.

In the area of the leisure, we offer our services to schools, AMPAS, sports centers, residences, centers of reception and different associations.

At the tourist sector we are employed to offer our clients, already be families, groups or schools, those days of leisure and rest that better they adapt to his preferences, covering all the needs of the stay.

To guarantee the best management and to position ourselves as a leading company, our typical features are the following ones:

  • We work with the clients of nearby and flexible form: we go to his facilities to advise him in the service that they are interested, adapting at all time to his preferences and needs and offering important advantages on having worked with an important group as ours.
  • We offer always solutions and rapid answers to any case.
  • We serve persons, and one of our aims is that each and every of them sit down protagonists, bearing in mind his worries, opinions and suggestions, which can make us come for the different channels to contact us.
  • Significant discounts when hiring comprehensive coverage of services. In the case of a school where we manage extracurricular pairs and colonies, not only get discounts on these activities, but also in family tourism and Summer camps.
  • We incorporate the most modern tools in our management, to assure the most efficient service, and one easily and rapid communication and feedback strictly between ourselves and the clients. In addition, to achieve our aims of excellence, we possess a solid experience and a great equipment of professionals, always at the disposal of the client, and in continuous formation and adjustment.

Definitively, the network of services that from Grup Tendel we put at the disposal of all, turns us into one of the most attractive companies of the sector, so much for the quality of the activities, since for the collective benefits that obtain the families linked to the center or association with whom we work together.